How to apply

Simply press the ‘apply now’ button on the home page.  All material needs to be submitted by 5.00pm (NZST) on Friday 31 July 2015


Making the most of your application

The judging panel expects a well-written entry that answers all the criteria and supports statements with evidence

With this in mind please ensure you:

√  Check your application is well written, clear and concise. Avoid repetition.

√ Avoid jargon (necessary technical language is fine but should be defined if it is unlikely to be understood outside your specialised sub-field).

√ Define abbreviations and use them sparingly.

√ Write all answers in Word first and ask someone to proof-read your entry before pasting it into the online form: that should prevent typos and confusing sentences.

√ When the criterion asks for evidence, provide it as thoroughly as you can – backing up your statements with quantitative and qualitative data.

√ Make sure it is clear to the judges what is attributable to your effort versus what your team or colleagues have done.

√  If applying again, show evidence of an advance in your work/research since the last application.

√ Don’t leave your application to the last minute; late entries are not accepted.


The Prime Minister’s Science Prize

MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist

Science Media Communicator

Science Teacher

Future Scientist