Making the most of your application

The judging panel expects a well-written entry that answers all the criteria and supports statements with evidence

With this in mind please ensure you:

√  Check your application is well written, clear and concise. Avoid repetition.

√ Avoid jargon (necessary technical language is fine but should be defined if it is unlikely to be understood outside your specialised sub-field).

√ Define abbreviations and use them sparingly.

√ Write all answers in Word first and ask someone to proof-read your entry before pasting it into the online form: that should prevent typos and confusing sentences.

√ When the criterion asks for evidence, provide it as thoroughly as you can – backing up your statements with quantitative and qualitative data.

√ Make sure it is clear to the judges what is attributable to your effort versus what your team or colleagues have done.

√  If applying again, show evidence of an advance in your work/research since the last application.

√ Don’t leave your application to the last minute; late entries are not accepted.


The Prime Minister’s Science Prize

MacDiarmid Emerging Scientist

Science Media Communicator

Science Teacher

Future Scientist