Applications for this Prize have now closed.

Te Puiaki Pūtaiao Matua a te Pirimia The Science Prize

Tēnā koe,

Welcome to the page where you will find information about the application process through the Prime Minister’s Science Prizes Portal.  You will also find all forms/templates that are available in the portal on this page for your convenience also.

Everyone has to register through the portal including the individual or team leader; team members and referees.

There are a number of steps that you need to take and so it is important to read the guidelines below as this provides information about logging in and finding your way around the portal. 


If you do need help or advice at any time then please do not hesitate to make contact with the Secretariat (contact details are below).

Once you have finished reading the guidelines and when you are ready please click on the portal link.

Please allow plenty of time to complete the application.

The following templates which need to be completed on this page are below for your convenience but can also be found in the portal.

(these will be updated and published on the website in 2022)


  •  I have received acknowledgement from all team members that they consent to be part of our application
  •  All referees that I requested have provided a report.

NB: the Prize requires two NZ-based and two-International referees.  The portal shows you what stage each referee has fulfilled, and you are able to remove referees if you need to replace an unresponsive or refusing referee.

  •  I have uploaded to the portal my CV and (photo ID)
  •  I have uploaded the completed application template (including evidence portfolio), and indicative budget for use of the Prize award to the portal
  •  I have either uploaded an ethics statement, or explained why one is not required. You will be prompted for this in the portal.
  •  I have accepted the Prize Terms and Conditions. This will also be a prompt in the portal.

Once all of the above have been completed, you can “Submit” your application.  Note this prevents further changes to documents, and adding team members or referees.  If you wish to edit your application before the close date, contact the Prize Secretariat to return your application to an editable state.   The Prize Secretariat may also do this, and will notify you, if you submit an application without the four required referees.

Complete applications must be submitted by 12:01am on 27th October 2021 since the original closing date of the 25th October is a public holiday.


Ko te Kaiwhakahaere the Secretariat for The Prime Minister’s Science Prizes is Royal Society Te Apārangi.  Contact details are:

Te Kaiwhakahaere the Secretariat
The Prime Minister’s Science Prizes
Royal Society Te Apārangi
PO Box 598

Waea Tel: (04) 470 5762

Īmēra Email:

Supported by the New Zealand Government with funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.  Nā Te Hīkina Whakatutuki te mana hāpai.