Kia ora

Congratulations on applying for the Prime Minister’s Science Prize.  We would like the process to be as simple and stress-less as possible and so if you do have any questions please contact

Before you do anything it is important that your read the Guidelines for this Prize thoroughly so that there are no surprises. We advise that you download these guidelines and print them off so that you have them on hand to refer to. Guidelines for Prime Minister’s Science Prizes 2020

Once you have read and are familiar with the guidelines and what is required then please download the following forms onto your computer, complete and send back to by 5pm, 9 October 2020.

Before you start the process it would be appreciated if you could send this ‘notification of interest’ form back to as soon as possible.

Please note you will need to send the appropriate form to the referees yourself.

Notification of Interest for Prime Minister’s Science Prize Form

1. Entry Question Form 2020 PMSP (to be completed by team representative)

2. Team Representative Authorisation Form 2020

3. Team Members Details and Signatures Form PMSP 2020

4. National Referee Form 1 PMSP 2020

5. National Referee Form 2 PMSP 2020

6. International Referee Form 1 PMSP 2020

7. International Referee Form 2 PMSP 2020



Please include all of the following in your complete application.

  • Standard CV (team representative)  two pages maximum
  • Evidence Portfolio of up to 10 pages  (PDF only)
  • Copy of birth certificate or passport as evidence that you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • All the above forms


  • The transformative scientific discoveryor achievement has led to significant economic, health, social and/or environmental impact on New Zealand, or internationally.
  • This impact has taken place in the last five years.
  • For a team entry, one person is designated as the ‘Team Representative’.
  • You, or for a team, the nominated team representative are either a New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand permanent resident and active in their field of science.
  • You have nominated two international referees and two New Zealand referees.  (The referees cannot be collaborators).
  • The team has agreed on a plan for the use of the $400,000. (This is not part of the selection process)

Please send to by 5pm on 9 October 2020