Te Puiaki Kaipūtaiao Ānamata

The Prime Minister’s Future Scientist Prize 2021

Kia ora

The 2021 Prime Minister’s Science Prizes application process will open in July – date to be confirmed. Information below could change or be updated in the interim.. 

We welcome applications by a nominator for a tauira who meets the eligibility information below.


  • This prize is for a Year 12 or Year 13 student tauira who has undertaken a science research, mathematics, technological or an engineering project.
  • The tauira must be a New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand permanent resident.
  • The application process closes at 5pm 24 September.

Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of literature review and objective setting process.
  • The quality of the design or investigative process for the research or development.
  • Execution of the developmental or investigative process.
  • Soundness of the interpretation of data and results.
  • The quality of conclusions reached in regard to application of the project or further work.


Judging Panel

  • The judging panel is selected by the secretariat and the Prime Minister’s decision to present the Prize will have regard to the advice of the judging panel.
  • It is recognised that occasionally members of the judging panels will know applicants or have other conflicts of interest. They will be expected to declare all such knowledge and conflicts of interests. In the case of knowing an applicant the Chair of the judging panel will rule if this is significant enough for the judge to be stood down from the panel for that applicant. (In the case of the Chair having a conflict of interest the decision will be made by another member of the Panel who has been identified in this role at the beginning of the process). If there is a conflict of interest the judge will stand down for that application.
  • The judging panel will not enter into any correspondence concerning its deliberations. All inquiries should be directed to the Secretariat.
  • Note that information on matters such as ranking, or names of unsuccessful nominees, will not be disclosed.
  • The Panel will make its decision based on the information provided and completed by the applicant and nominator. The judging panel reserves the right to interview nominees.



Entries must be received by 5pm, 24 September



The Secretariat for the Prime Minister’s Science Prizes is Royal Society Te Apārangi

All application material must be sent or emailed to:

Royal Society Te Apārangi
The Prime Minister’s Future Scientist Prize
PO Box 598
11 Turnbull Street

Phone: (04) 470 5762

Email: pmscienceprizes@royalsociety.org.nz


If you are ready to apply please click Apply now or click on the button on the home page.